Why In Office Medication Dispensing is a Win-Win

Healthcare providers across the country are constantly looking for new ways to improve patient compliance, operational efficiency, and increase revenue, all without sacrificing the care their patients receive.

One way to do all of this is through in office medication dispensing.

What is In Office Dispensing?

In office medication dispensing, also known as point-of-care medication dispensing, gives healthcare providers in most states, the ability to fill the most commonly prescribed medications* at the patient’s point-of-care, which ultimately helps to increase the overall value that you provide to your patients.

And, we would go as far to say that in office medication dispensing is a win-win. How you ask? Because both the healthcare providers and the patients benefit from this value-added service.

Let’s break it down.

Benefits of In Office Dispensing for the Healthcare Provider

Improve patient outcomes.

Studies show that 20% – 30% of new prescriptions are never filled at the pharmacy. Point-of-care dispensing solves this issue by getting the medications into your patients’ hands before they leave your office.

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Focus on your patients and streamline your operations.

Prescriptions dispensed in office is like having your own onsite pharmacy. Meaning you’re no longer spending unnecessary time fielding pharmacy calls to confirm prescriptions they may or may not have in stock. And physician medication dispensing can be done in a few minutes. So, by not having to rewrite prescriptions or deal with renewals, you’re saving time, which allows you to focus on your patients and your practice. 

Create an additional revenue source.

In office medication dispensing gives you the ability to lower your overall expenses through prepackaged pharmaceutical costs. Additionally, you’re able to add mark-up to already low medication costs without the need to hire additional staff or purchase new equipment, which in turn creates an ancillary revenue stream.

Benefits of In Office Dispensing for the Patient

Affordable convenience.

Patients get the convenience they need by getting their prescription medications on the spot, without having to make a special trip to the pharmacy. Healthcare providers are able to provide the prescription medications at an affordable price comparable to most pharmacies.

Improve outcomes.

This is achieved by patients being able to get an immediate start on their treatment. The healthcare provider will be more efficient, which allows them to spend more time with the patient at each visit.

Increase medication adherence.

By getting prescription medication at the point-of-care, patients and more likely to adhere to the medication regimen prescribed by their physician. It is during this time the patients receive education about their medication to better understand the specifics of their diagnosis and how their medication can benefit them.

So whether you’re a private practice, urgent care center, onsite employee health clinic or a student health center, please consider consulting with the experts at Pharma Pac. We are available any time to discuss building a custom medication dispensing solution for you. Contact us to speak with one of our experts.

*Forty-four states allow physicians to dispense medications directly to patients, and each state has its own set of regulations. You can also learn more about your own state from your State Board of Pharmacy.

**It doesn’t work for every type of medication such as non-generic drugs, insulin, or most inhaler medications.