Who We Serve

Pharma Pac partners with healthcare facilities such as urgent care centers, employee onsite health centers, private practices and student health centers to dispense patient medications in office.

By taking this service in-house, not only are you significantly increasing patient satisfaction and compliance, and lowering overall medication costs, you're also reinvesting in your operations by creating a new revenue stream.

  • Urgent Care Facilities

    Integrate prepackaged medications into your core service offerings.

  • Onsite Employee Health Clinics

    Reduce medication costs, enhance employee satisfaction, ensure compliance.

  • Private Practices

    Improve the efficiency of your practice and enhance your patient care. 

  • Student Health Centers

    Ensure convenience and healthcare compliance for students. 

Benefits of Point-of-Care Dispensing

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Reduce the Cost of Medication Ordering

Happy doctor talking to senior male patient while being in a home visit.

Enhance Patient Convenience & Satisfaction

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Ensure Full Compliance

Give your patients the convenience they deserve.

Partner with Pharma Pac to offer onsite medication dispensing services.