What We Do

We partner with healthcare facilities such as urgent care facilities, onsite employee health clinics, private practices and student health centers to enable physicians and clinics to offer point-of-care medication dispensing.

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What is point-of-care dispensing?

Point-of-care dispensing, also referred to as in office medication dispensing, gives you the ability to prescribe and dispense medications for your patients onsite. So, before your patient leaves your office, they are getting the medication they need, which gives them an immediate start on their treatment and improves overall patient adherence.

This value-added service allows you to significantly increase patient satisfaction and compliance, and lower overall medication costs. Additionally, you can reinvest in your operations by creating a new revenue stream.

Partner with Pharma Pac & get many benefits, including:


For nearly 40 years, Pharma Pac has been delivering one of the best net benefit solutions to healthcare facilities across the country. As a company, we are large enough to meet your point-of-care dispensing needs competitively, yet small enough to tailor our service to exceed your expectations.

Pharma Pac can meet your prepackaged pharmaceutical needs by offering a flexible formulary selection by bringing in the most commonly dispensed medications upon our customers' request.


Our point-of-care dispensing solutions maximize ease-of-use, minimize the impact of providing dispensing services in your location, all while keeping you compliant. We partner with you to put together a dynamic & compliant program, ensuring your patients are treated with the care they deserve.

Our exemplary service and regulatory compliance records speak to our attention to detail – we worry about the key issues in your dispensing program so that you don’t have to.


Our medications come with a product authentication assurance (“Pedigree”), which ensures the product is genuine & guarantees the quality of the medication being delivered to the patient.

Our company culture drives us to continuously use our knowledge and experience in bringing innovation and improvement to core processes and systems. Our software inventory system dispenses faster than you can write a prescription, and is designed to make the entire process seamless and efficient. Our flexible manufacturing capability means we meet unique customer demands as a routine part of our business.

Our distribution expertise means we consistently look for the most efficient way to get the right inventory into your office, when you need it.

We serve healthcare providers in the following areas:

  • Urgent Care Facilities

    Helping clinics integrate prepackaged medications into their core service offerings.

  • Onsite Employee Health Clinics

    Reduce medication costs, enhance employee satisfaction, ensure compliance.

  • Private Practices

    Improve the efficiency of your practice and enhance your patient care. 

  • Student Health Centers

    Ensure convenience and healthcare compliance for students. 

Let us help you improve patient satisfaction & adherence.

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