Urgent Care Facilities

Onsite Dispensing Benefits for Your Center

In-office medication dispensing is growing in popularity at clinics across the country. Pharma Pac is dedicated to helping clinics integrate prepackaged medications into their core service offerings to provide convenience and compliance for their patients.

  • Improved patient care – Patients can begin effective treatment immediately.
  • Patient satisfaction – Point-of-care dispensing saves your patients’ valuable time.
  • Increased revenue – Maximize profits by offering in-office dispensing.
  • Fully HIPAA compliant – Web-based software improves record keeping, inventory management and monitors controlled substance reporting.

Onsite Dispensing Benefits for Your Patients

  • Affordable convenience – Convenient in-office dispensing and affordable pricing comparable to most pharmacies.
  • Immediate compliance – In-office dispensing ensures that the patient receives their prescription at point-of-care.
  • Improved outcomes – By beginning treatment immediately patients have a more improved outcome.


Give your patients the convenience they deserve.

Partner with Pharma Pac to offer onsite medication dispensing services.

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