Unconventional Ways for Healthcare Providers to Boost Revenue

If you’re a healthcare provider, more than likely at some point in your career, you’ve had patients in one of the following predicaments:

  1. Insurance won’t cover their medication.
  2. They have a co-pay or deductible that is higher than what a clinic might charge.
  3. They don’t have insurance at all.

Regardless of their situation, chances are they will end up paying out-of-pocket for their medication whether they’re paying at the point-of-care or at a pharmacy.

And, just like other businesses put their customers first, the well-being of your patients comes first, which can result in the health of your practice taking a back seat.

So, why not provide patients with a way to save, while adding to your bottom line?

In an era of declining insurance remittances, providing in office medication dispensing creates a new revenue stream without the need to take on additional patients, staff, or equipment. In fact, healthcare providers that offer in-office dispensing have seen profit increases of up to 50%. *

Working with a medication dispensing solutions provider like Pharma Pac, you can expect to be provided with a formulary of the medications you prescribe most often, at a lower rate, which gives you the ability to mark up the costs to your patients, while still coming at or lower than what their co-pay might be.

But the bottom-line benefits don’t stop there.

By dispensing medication in office with prepackaged medications, you are also adding to your bottom line indirectly. How? By playing a key role in the global effort to improve patient outcomes. In office medication dispensing means less steps from prescription writing to dispensing, which creates:

  • Increased patient satisfaction and trust
  • Enhanced relationships with your patients
  • Fewer medication errors
  • Positive, word-of-mouth referrals

We’ve made our set-up process quick and easy so you can start dispensing and earning additional revenue without missing a beat. And, in office medication dispensing doesn’t require extra time or resources from you. Just an added value to your patients.

Contact us today so we can walk you through our process and answer any questions you might have.

* Profits physicians see from in-office dispensing can vary, but such profits can be significant.