Student Health Centers

Pharma Pac knows the challenges that come with student healthcare including medication expenses, convenience, and compliance. And student health insurance premiums result in increased cost of prescription drugs.

Pharma Pac’s point-of-care dispensing solutions is efficient and easy to set up and allows student health centers across the country to cultivate a healthier campus by:

  • Increasing compliance so students get the medications they need at the point-of-care
  • Controlling the cost of prescription drugs by lowering your overall expenses through Pharma Pac’s prepackaged pharmaceutical costs
  • Providing an array of name brand and OTC medications to your student patients

Center/Patient Benefits

  • Convenient access to healthcare
  • Students can begin effective treatment immediately to help reduce absenteeism
  • Cost savings to students by providing medications at a lower cost
  • Ensure the drug treatments you prescribe are reliably getting into the hands of your patients

Let us help you improve the healthcare outcomes of your students.