Our Partners

We believe strategic partnerships are essential to ensuring our customers get the most comprehensive service possible. As a complement to our service offerings, we carefully selected our partners, UCP Merchant Medicine and VendRx to give our customers a full-service experience.

Here’s a little bit more about each so you can see why we have partnered with them.

upm merchant medicine logo

UCP Merchant Medicine (formerly Urgent Care Partners) is the leading management consulting firm in urgent care, retail care, telehealth, and related on-demand consumer-driven healthcare with a purpose of creating a new front door to your health system and building new relationships with consumers.

UCP aligns and partners with health systems and medical groups for the mutual benefit of delivering a patient-centric healthcare experience focused on quality, service, and convenience while enhancing the healthcare system.

Its full-service, turn-key approach to Modern Urgent Care development and performance improvement results in:

  • Net Promoter Scores of 90+
  • Door-to-Door Times of 35 minutes or less
  • EBITDA margins of 30%+ (deployed in 11-months from start to first site opening)

To learn more about UCP, click here.

vendrx logo

VendRx was created to re-invent the pharmacy delivery experience and has become a premier provider of universal prescription fulfillment services and solutions for pharmacies and healthcare prescribers nationwide. Studies show:

  • An estimated 100 million Americans lack good access to pharmacies
  • 1 out of 3 new prescriptions go unfilled
  • When patients do pick up their prescriptions, 69% found it was more expensive than they expected

VendRx solutions help to improve people’s lives through clear information and options to help them make decisions based on best value and convenience at the time closest to the point-of-care.

To learn more about VendRx, click here.


Partner with us to offer onsite medication dispensing services.