About Pharma Pac

With more than 40 years' experience in the medication repackaging industry, Pharma Pac partners with healthcare providers such as urgent care facilities, onsite employee health clinics, private practices and student health centers to provide compliant, end-to-end, point-of-care dispensing solutions.

But, we are more than just a dispensing solutions provider, we help you manage the dispensing process for improved patient adherence.

Working with Pharma Pac is easy and requires no extra time or staff. In fact, our solution allows you to reinvest in your operation, which results in a new revenue stream.

Providing this value-added in office dispensing solution will help to significantly increase patient satisfaction, compliance and lower overall medication costs.

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What you get with Pharma Pac

  • Experience you can trust.

    We are a service of H.J. Harkins Company, Inc., and provide products and services designed to improve the overall healthcare experience of your patients.

  • Unparalleled, dedicated service.

    Our high return rate is a result of our dedication to meeting your unique needs and its our company-wide dedication to providing unbeatable service that makes us well-known to our customers. 

  • Creative solutions.

    Pharma Pac is dedicated to finding new opportunities for your practice. We not only continue to test new marketing and service ideas, but our overall service to you provides you with an added revenue stream. 

Our point-of-care, medication dispensing solutions will help you lower medication costs, improve patient adherence, and enhance your revenue streams.

Lower Medication Costs

Improve Patient Adherence

Streamline Your Operations

Enhance Your Revenue Streams

Compliancy is Essential to our Business

Health care, emergency room physician Writing a patient illness report.

As a service of the H.J. Harkins Company, we are registered and licensed with the following Federal governmental agencies:

Requirements include surprise inspections for auditing, personnel qualifications, and security standards.

Requirements include random inspections typically before the yearly license renewal to ensure compliance with all federal laws and good manufacturing practices.

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