Support for Patient-Centered Care

Providing patients the option of getting the appropriate Rx medication, as part of their visit, is an excellent way to increase the value of physician services. Physicians looking to create an improved patient experience are increasingly adopting this patient benefit, known as in-office or direct dispensing. Direct dispensing helps a medical practitioner ensure their patient understands why the medication is a necessary part of getting better and how it fits in their overall therapeutic plan. It also guarantees that patients get their medication and start using it without the extra hassle of travel and waiting time to fill their prescription.

Why Dispense?

Improved practice profitability.
Pharmaceutical delivery offers greater revenue without increasing your patient base.

One-stop shopping increases patient satisfaction.
A trip to the pharmacy takes precious time. Your patients will appreciate that they have one less errand to run.

Treatment without delay.
No time is wasted writing or calling in prescriptions and you ensure immediate patient compliance.

Dispensing is quick and easy.
Simply select the correct medication, place a label on the child resistant vial, and hand directly to your patient.